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July 31, 2006


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Dr. Flora

Processed Oil is an obstruction, as Arnold Ehret named the problem, that keeps our lymphatic, electrical, and blood systems from circulating freely. If you know that we are electric people, then you also know that electricity cannot be transported/carried in oil. Water and metal, yes, and especially in living foods that are freshly blended.

There are people here in Florida who are able to live comfortably in 90+ heat because they don't eat heated oils, as what is in potato or corn chips. If I was to eat any corn chips, even if they were organic and unsalted, and baked, I would probably sweat through half a dozen changes of bedclothes and sheets night after night because the body wants to get rid of it as fast as possible. I don't use a/c and just use a little personal fan a bit if my bedroom gets stuffy because I can't open the windows.

Once a month or, if they are ingesting dairy daily, every night, for those people who haven't taken it seriously yet that casein in dairy causes tumors to grow, they will go through what they think are 'hot flashes' and that is just their liver throwing off the dairy (if they just let their body have a chance to eliminate by going on a fast and then the immune system will get cranked up and the elimination will start).

Your body is so precious, yet people clog the pores by wearing latex, polyester, nylon, lycra, etc. (nothing but plastics) which is like wrapping your body in plastic. The little villi inside your body is also like the fur on a coat. Do you know what happens to a fur coat when it's wrapped in plastic instead of 100% cotton sheet? The fur shrivels up. Even if you have a 'clean bill of health' from your doctors looking up there, they can't see the layer upon layer of grease that is just under the inner skin that is preventing you from absorbing the nutrients from your food and preventing you from feeling the almost immediate rush of energy from the fruit sugars!

Here's to persistence and it will be well worth it to be able to taste again, and not have to spice up everything because your taste buds have been so jaded since your villi was clogged up. All of these spices and peppers are killing you and causing cancers, yet as long as people continue to eat cooked starches, they taste so bland, they think they need to jazz them up with spices. Just quit cooking them and use foods you don't have to cook.

There's a wonderful book called "Sunlight Can Save Your Life" or something like that that's great and will give you a good understanding of what happens when people use trans fats instead of cis fats and how the poor arteries are actually torn away from the capillaries when we used heated oils, because their (the heated oils) shape becomes hard and inflexible, cannot bend in half to push through the capillary and then pop back open to continue on to the heart, and so the oils back up like a toilet clogged up and splits the capillary from the artery and the trapped plasma protein fills up the interstitial (the space just under the skin and inbetween organs where there is no flesh) spaces and then first the hands start to swell (acute poisoning from salt and oil recently) and then if you don't quit eating that poison, the feet (chronic) start to swell, and then the body goes down.

Next thing you hear is that you have cardiac insufficiency (which means that your heart is not strong enough to push the plasma protein back up the leg so that it can be cleaned out by the lymph and liver).

My yoga people are asking for heated rooms now that they feel how much easier it is for them to sweat out the oils when they are overheated. Greasy body lotions and creams will also clog the pores up and then our other half of our benefit from having pores is lost (we not only sweat, we inspire).

If our pores are really clean (and we've been using the natural bristle body brush and loofa, we will see a difference in the dark ring around our iris because as our skin gets cleaner, our eyes change color), we can fix the nitrogen that we breathe in from our pores and into our lungs. I would never put anything on my body that I wouldn't eat.

Besides, when you eat watermelon and papaya, your skin tastes good (like watermelon and papaya!) when your husband/partner slurps around when you are cuddling. We want our feces and our sweat to smell good, and our exudation will when you are really all raw and your pores have been cleaned out inside and out.

Love yourselves enough to consider this seriously. No one will do it but you. Look at the people who eat oils, how their foreheads are sweating, how they are losing their hair. When the hair follicles clog up with oil, the hair falls out. If you have any more questions, please write me at because this topic can go on and on.


Dear Jim,
Could you comment on why oil hinders circulation? Thickening of the blood? And profuse sweating even when asleep? Overload of oil in diet? Any comments appreciated.

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