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July 04, 2006


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Jim Carey

I slipped up, not including editorial content. As editors we sometimes presume that everyone is a long-time reader and knows how we feel about things, and we omit what we think is obvious.

In this case, I included the article because it reiterates the points I've been making over the last 18 months about the hazards of consuming animal flesh. Eating animal flesh is hard enough on the body, but now that we're stuffing animals full of antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and poisons, it's even more important not to introduce meat into our bodies.

In other words, the article was just one more motivation to avoid eating meat.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention and keeping me on my toes.


Dear Mr. Carey;

I am a fairly recent subscriber and I enjoy getting the information about raw eating and healthy lifestyle. I was very surprised about the inclusion of the Washington Post article by Rick Weiss concerning hybrid animals. Please help me to understand why you chose to include it without editorial comment. Thank you!

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