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July 28, 2006


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Jim Carey

You are completely right, Amita!

Amita Amladi

Whether or not soy is dangerous, or as dangerous as you & Dr. Douglass claim (I'm not saying that it is or it isn't - I just have to do more reading into this before I can decide)

But regardless of whether soy is dangerous or not, I TOTALLY disagree with the idea of OUTLAWING IT! Because then, where would it end??

For example, in another article by Dr. Douglass, he champions the consuming of raw milk & raw milk products.

After reading his article, and doing my own research, I found that, yes, raw milk, and raw milk dairy products are tastier, healthier, and in most cases, safer than factory-farmed pasteurized milk.

So when I went to Paris for 10 weeks at the end of August, I started drinking raw milk and having raw milk dairy products & AMAZINGLY certain chronic health symptoms that I've been suffering with for years, miraculously disappeared! I LOVED the taste of raw milk and would go through almost a half dozen liters a week!

However, after 10 weeks I had to return to Michigan, where the sale of raw milk is ILLEGAL (aka - OUTLAWED) and the only way to have access to fresh, pure, unprocessed raw milk from clean, pasture-fed cows, is to join a "cow-share", pay the membership fee, as well as a HIGH BLACK-MARKET price per gallon for the milk, and then drive to some secret, remote & distant location to pick up the milk each week!

Since I can't yet drive, nor afford to pay the HIGH BLACK-MARKET price per gallon for the milk, for now, I am stuck with pasteurized milk.

However, rather than buying the ultra-pasteurized milk from the supermarkets/grocery stores who pasteurize their milk to 190 - 200 degrees, instead we subscribe to the Oberweis Dairy service who don't use hormones/antibiotics, and only pasteurize to 173 degrees (just a bit above the federal minimum requirement of 163 degrees) and provide weekly home delivery in reusable GLASS milk bottles - like in the olden days!

But as good as Oberweis Dairy is, I would MUCH RATHER have raw milk. Not only for the taste, but also the chronic health symptoms I've suffered with for years, and which disappeared in Paris while drinking raw milk, ended up coming back within A DAY OR TWO of my return to the US and drinking pasteurized milk again! :(

I mean on one hand you say to outlaw soy, but then you turn around and say that people should have free access to raw milk & raw milk products. You can't have it both ways!

Which is EXACTLY why I am AGAINST the OUTLAWING of ANY food, drink, drug, or adult consensual act (prostitution, gambling, drug use, etc.)

If any food, drink or drug is considered dangerous or risky, then slap a warning label on it, and give people the FREEDOM to decide for themselves whether or not to take that chance!

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