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September 21, 2006


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Jim Carey

Yep, you’re famous!

The answer was subtle, I admit:

Buried in the quotations, I said, "I especially appreciate Thoreau's comment that (paraphrased), 'It matters not who owns this land, as long as I can sit here and enjoy it.'"

In other words, wherever I am in the world is fine. I love the farm here in GA, but I’m off to Maui next month to examine opening a Living Foods training center there. If it’s meant to be, it will happen, and that will be OK.

It’s true that I prefer warmer climates, but I’ve also many fond memories of winters in Northern Vermont. I’ve been to 49 countries and 49 states – all have their good points.

I will say this, though. I function much, much better out in the country. The lower energy level of the cities isn’t good for me.

Actually, too much carrot juice isn’t good for you. It’ll even turn your skin orange, a weird thing when you see it in someone. Looks like they used a cheap bronzing lotion. Wheatgrass, buckwheat, sunflower sprouts are all great for juicing, and really are quite simple to grow, even in a small apartment. It only takes 10-15 days for a crop to be ready. Some people put a rack of trays in their kitchen, where the stove used to be, and grow their fresh green sprouts that way.

There are several good books, videos and lesson plans on that will teach you about sprouting. Sprouts have the highest nutritional and energy levels of all foods.

I hope this helps, oh famous one!



Hi Jim:

I feel like I'm famous now that you mentioned by question about "Where would you live if you could live anywhere and why? "..By the way....where is the answer to that question? lol

Oh, here's another question..besides Carrot juice....what is the best juice for you and why.....please don't say wheatgrass...I really don't have much acsess to that here in Indiana where meat and potatoes is a

P.S..glad you found the "music"


Jim Carey

support groups. Some of my comments on that are here:

Basically, I suggest planning a Raw Potluck at your home or a local park, running an ad in the local newspapers, contact the papers with a press release and try to get them to run it in the Society or Foods section, and make sure you let me know so that I can put your notice in the newsletter and on my blog.

I’ll post a copy of the recording on the blog once I get it. Share freely!

Jim Carey


I enjoyed the call, may I share it with my family? I am looking to educate them about my new lifestyle. After I hung up, I wondered if you had any advice about finding or starting a support group in my area. I have been doing this alone since April.


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