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October 26, 2007


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Julie Smith

That’s great, I never thought about Vihara Youkta, wife of Viktoras Kulvinskas, passes like that before.


I used to stay with Vik and Youkta, (when she was white dove) many years ago at Survival Foundation - Vik was extremely bulimic, which is why he always looked so bad. I love him, and he is a great energy, but he had many years of sickness. Youkta was heavily into colonics when I saw her last over 20 years ago - I don't know if she continued to torture her body. I loved her and admired her. She was an amazing spirit, and I do not know how Vik is going to carry on without her, (he has closed his email accounts, so I have no way to contact him - he is in Costa Rica, unless he returned to Arkansas.)


Did she die of cancer?

Lisa Tomasi

What was it that was Irreversable in regards to Youkta's illness?


It's very discouraging to me as a raw foodist to hear that a long time raw fooder died at such an early age. Can anyone say what she died of? What was the condition she had that was neglected? Isn't there some sort of natural protocol (like fasting, juicing, oxygen therapy, internal cleansing, etc.) that a person can do to reverse the symptoms of disease and the disease itself. I thought that all diseases can be cured naturally. So, how it is that the wife of a prominent Raw Foodist healer can die at such an earlier age? There must be more than just the physical at work here.

[Yes, there was more than just the physical at work here. The family asks that I just say that it was a long-term pre-existing condition not raw-related. -- Jim Carey]

miss honeybee

vihara was so lovely & perfect ~ a complete inspiration to those fortunate enough to be in her company. we shall miss her beauty & poise.

victor has never looked happier than he does in this picture, & he also has a brand new assistant!

Sarah Worden

Youkta and I became friends while we were in our early 20's. As soon as we met a spark flew between us, which turned into the flame of a true friendship. We were both raising little boys of the same age (5 years old). We shared many adventures with the boys in Youkta's little yellow Volkswagen Beetle. The adventures included trips to Cape Cod, playing in the sand dunes, and trips to Cambridge. We both shared a love of animals and art.

Youkta later moved to Gloucester and took up dance. She had been a successful poodle groomer, and I thought her move vary daring. I then watched in awe as Youkta turned into the talented, successful and inspirational person that she became.

Youkta visited with me at least 3 more times after moving to various locations in the US. The last visit was for a week in 2006. The temperatures were over 100 degrees, so we did much sitting in my sunroom and talking, which is the best thing that could have happened, as it was our last visit. We had spent many hours on the phone imagining and planning this visit after not seeing one another for 4 or 5 years. I am so thankful that we had that precious time together. It is something that I will always cherish in my heart. When talking on the phone to Youkta she would refer to our conversations as "two kittens at play".

Youta is still my inspiration. I have a picture of her at the bottom of my bed and see it every morning. She is still giving me inspiration and will always be a piece of my soul. She was a truly magnificent person, both inside and out. She walked the walk that she taught. She will always be a part of me, and I feel blessed that she was in my life.

Rest in piece dear Youkta. You will always be in my heart and soul.

Sarah Vaughan Jacobson Worden

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