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January 07, 2009


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Here you go, Jackie:

Jim Carey

Jackie....New Zealand

Hi Jim,

I am looking for the download of Ann Wigmore's remarkable story and I feel sure that it must have come from your good self, I thought that I had bookmarked it to read later but cannot find it anywhere! Can you help me out please? Very many thanks, Jackie

Jackie....New Zealand

Thanks Jim, but what you are talking about is a bit(?)!) above my head. What are the 112 elements and how is it possible to determine if these are in the growing medium used, without expensive tests? .....



Barley grass is the next best thing, and more palatable than wheatgrass. Wheatgrass isolates up to 108 of the 112 elements (if present in the soil) that our body needs. Barleyg rass isolates up to 102.

Jim Carey

Jackie....New Zealand

I grow barley grass. What is the difference nutritionally to wheatgrass and in the final analysis ...which one is preferable and why? Greetings from New Zealand.

Dr. Flora van Orden III

What you are doing is so important. Keep up the good work.

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