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January 14, 2009


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Jackie....New Zealand

Happy Christmas to everyone who works in defence of our beloved animal companions....In 2009 may you have a roof over your head, food on the table , harmomy in your home and a furry feline sleeping in contentment on your knee.

Jackie....New Zealand

Hi from New Zealand. A 100% excellent article. I encourage every reader to click the link to read the whole article. I have been one of the guilty and need I say..guiltty companion lovers who have treated their animal friends with love and devotion. Oh yes...we followed our vet's advice on feeding our two beloved cats the best(and most expensive!)tucker. The result>..our beloved Pushkin died at the age of 21 years with a renal function of 10% after our vet ripped us off $NZ500 for putting him through hell with tests to find the cause...Pushkin died two days later, at home, in my arms after he suddenly and shockingly let out what I can only call a primeval scream from the depths of his being. Our then vet admitted afterwards that she KNEW he only had two days to live and STILL she went ahead with thest and ripped us off!! It was callous and totally amoral. That was a year ago. Pushkin's best mate Katya still misses him..they were bosom buddies.Katya now is fed solely on fresh wild rabbit. She is 14 years but I do not know how much damage she has suffered from her previous diet. Her eyes are bright and shining and her fur is glorious..the change was immediate. She has ONLY rabbit. I get up at 4.30 each morning and go for a 30 mile bicycle ride to look for road kill

Helen Terry

I just went to see the movie King Corn tonight and was surprised on many levels, but especially since the cattle owners use corn to fatten the cows - they are left in pens where they cannot roam and fed corn and the shucks around the ears of corn, a variety that is high in sugar content - and that if allowed to live much past 120 days, they die of acidosis, and painfully, too; hence the high useage of antibiotics (70% of US consumption of antibiotics) in that all four stomachs are eaten up by the acid in the corn.

This same corn is used as filler in cheaper dog and cat food. Having used only Wellness for six years now, I have included Organix, Flint River and as of today, Blue Buffalo to my companion's food lineup. Both Wellness and Blue Buffalo have organic versions, also, important since Blue Buffalo includes blueberries and cranberries in their formulas. People have chastised me over the cost of any of these brands and I respond that I don't have to take my friends to the vet at all, except for initial spay/neutering and rabies (only required every 3 years). Having lost an Airedale Terrier six years ago to cancer the ingredients are important and cost initially is a small issue (honestly, they eat less than they ever did on grocery store brands). All this is not especially a plug for these brands, but if we're not cooking for them raw, then the next best thing is to give them what they would try to find for themselves in the wild. And it's not corn. Or wheat. Or soy.

The new website format is great; thanks for all you do for us readers.

Helen Terry, Texas

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