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February 15, 2009


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Jackie....New Zealand

Hello from New Zealand. I felt I had to add my comment !

My glorious beautiful , Gorgeous 'old boy' Pushkin passed away in my arms in a perfectly NATURAL way, in our garden one glorious sunset evening at the ripe old age of 22 years just over a year ago.He spent a whole lifetime pigging out on raw rabbit, raw yoghurt mixed with wheatgrass juice. I don't BUY rabbit!! I go on a 30 mile cycle ride every morning and find road kill rabit. I also have a friend who is employed as a rabbit shooter on local vineyards and he is always leaving me the odd rabbit. We have another cat...a Maine Coon which abandoned her previous humans the moment they fetched a puppy home and she stalked up the road to us and has now been with us for 14 years. She, too, feasts on the same diet of rabbit, yoghurt and wheatgrass juice. So I guess you can say she is the epitome of an Anne Wigmore Lifestyle cat !!!!!!


this is very well put article love the info.

Joanne of Open Mind Required

I feed my cats raw rabbit, turkey and chicken. Four of my cats are over 15 years old. Unfortunately, they ate kibble their first 9 years.

I also don't vaccinate, and when they get sick they fast and rest, so I let innate intelligence heal them. The last cat I took to the vet for a cold died.

The woman I buy my meat from has a raw-food Great Dane who is 17 years old. Imagine that!

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