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April 10, 2009


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Shelly Winters

Let me tell you about one of my previous lives - as a cave woman.

First off, if Og had helped out in the garden and with the gatherin' part of life, we wouldn't have had to eat meat.

Second, if he had brought home rabbits and squirrels (that were eating the garden) like I asked, we could have enjoyed them fresh. But oh, no, Og and the boys had to bring a stinkin' Mastodon home. I had to invent cooking to keep it from spoiling.

Do you have ANY IDEA what Mastodon smells like after a few days of sitting around the cave?

So, yea, we women invented cooking, but it was mens' fault that we had to!

Helen Terry

Thanks again for posting this Men's section, since many of us women know this way of life is good and right, but need you guys to tell it 'like a man' to the men in our lives that we wish only the best of life's vitality for. Your comments provide the 'third-party recognition' that usually gets the message through to them.
Very best,

Helen Terry

Dear Eric and Jim,

Jim, thanks ever so much for putting up this section. May I comment as an historian and a classicist? IMHO, the Pandora myth and cooking come together as a natural tendency for a woman to either recycle, fix or make do with whatever is at hand. Considering putrefying meat and muscles, bones and ligaments are quite a mess to be around much less the smell, and since women typically get the cleanup in a household, the urge to put meat and muscle to fire after removing necessary hide for clothing, rugs, and window coverings would be to get rid of the leftover parts.

Even ligaments are used for thread in a bone needle. But even if a scenario like this is possible, the smell of cooking meat is attractive to a carnal man/woman. Carnal means many things, not just eating meat. If someone ate it once, they would go back for more; we know the reverse to be true (smell still enticing in the early days of going raw, that is) in many of raw fooders coming off of meat and dairy, right?

I propose this theory of utilization more than a blame feature as those primitive eons were very harsh and any improvisation would be possibly a life-saver. Again, IMHO, though somewhat read on this train of thought. Helen, green, raw, and had my landlord remove the stove and microwave months ago... only boiling water now for teas...

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