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May 07, 2009


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I tried to ask a question via email on one of you other sites and got a reply that email was no longer being answered. Can I ask a question here?

I was wondering about the possibility of using sourdough in some type of 'cracker' recipe...letting it raise up...and then dehydrating it in the dehydrator...not cook...just dehydrate it.

I thought it might add some buoyancy and lightness or crispyness to the finished product--making it easier to chew and possibly it would add something like cultured veggies do by way of probiotics.

Do you see a problem with trying this? I want to try it but didn't know if sourdough uncooked would be a problem. I can't see how it would.

If you can reply to this I would sure appreciate it.



Personally, I'm not fond of Gertie. I stomach her because I want the information. But I'd like to see an 'adult' show not a 'children's' show. Other than that...I love what information you share. It's so nice to actually be able to SEE what I read about. I love it.

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