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June 01, 2009


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I am writing to you in regards to a posting you have on your blog about BPA in Canned Foods . In it you offer the consumer tip from the EWG’s consumer tips stating that :

”Many metal water bottles, such as those sold by the brand Sigg are lined with a plastic coating that contains BPA. Look for stainless steel bottles, such as those sold by Real Wear [couldn't find this company on the web - D] and Kleen Kanteen that do not have a plastic liner.”

I can assure you that SIGG bottles are NOT made with a plastic liner and are in fact lined with a proprietary non-toxic, water-based resin which is extremely stable and has been refined over decades of study. The BPA issues surrounding Lexan plastic bottles (polycarbonate #7) involve the migration of chemicals from the plastic into the contents of the bottles. On the other hand, SIGG bottles have been thoroughly tested in Europe to ensure 0.0% leaching of any substance - no trace of BPA, BPB or any phthalates.

Based on the confidence we have in our product backed by numerous laboratory studies, we have questioned the EWG and requested that they provide us with the testing they have conducted on SIGG – or alternatively to remove the “SIGG” mention from their website if they have not tested SIGG. Within 24 hours of this request, the EWG removed SIGG’s name from their report. Here is the link:

We understand the controversy and concern surrounding BPA leaching from some plastic water bottles and can assure you that SIGG bottles are leach-free and 100% safe. We are upset about the misinformation which has circulated and are working feverishly to clear the good name of SIGG.

Thank you for removing this incorrect information.

- Steve Wasik, President SIGG, USA

Posted by Merideth McNally, True North Public Relations for Sigg

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