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August 02, 2009


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supra shoes

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Michael Har

I appriciate your input:

Yes, it's a great question; use a blender for raw foods or eat them as is. I inclined toward the first option because:
(1) Saves time
(2) I don't chew well enough esp lettuce etc. esp when time is limited
(3) Hard, intense chewing risks teeth (foreign pieces, hidden pits, crowns etc.)
(4) Easy to add and blend in onion, garlic, herbs, spices etc. to control taste, fluidity, ingredients
(5) Better extract of neutrinos
I'm looking for your input. Thanks so much.

Michael Har

Eating Raw Foods Info

Interesting post. We juice, but recently I made a blended salad, which was basically salad ingredients tossed into the food processor for a few seconds.

It tasted fine, but I would prefer my salads crunchy.


I was excited to see this topic since I've been hunting for info on Why Juice or blend instead of eating the whole food? But you only give one reason. Chew well. I do, so I can skip juicing & blending? (I even chew my blends & juices, mixing in lots of saliva.)

I'm thinking about Norm Walker, Gerson, Cousens, & many who hang healing on the juicing factor.

So I hope you can come up with more reasons why to juice or blend--and even some studies & data to reinforce the ideas.

Thanks for giving it another shot. (PS, will I get a notice of your reply on my email?)

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