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November 27, 2009


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I agree wholeheartedly. I prefer to eat a little bit of cooked vegies & wholegrains than raw gourmet. Raw gourmet has a very bad affect on my digestion, but would like to know more about what is 'not good' about Braggs?

Jim Carey

Thank you, Jackie. It's always great to hear from you!

Jackie  New Zealand

Too right! and hello from New Zealand. Quite frankly I am TOTALLY flabbergasted by the way many Americans ( how many in percentages??) eat OUT at restaurants , regularly, every week, evry would sometimes seem! We NEVER, EVER, eat OUT !! I am over 95% raw and my husband is moving that way. being approx 75% and liking it more and more. It has made great changes in his life EMOTIONALLY as well as the more obvious physical changes that come from eating raw. We grow over 90% of our veggies which are mostly green. Our fruit is bought season. Right now it is the beginning of summer here and we are indulging ourselves in LOTS of smoothies.. fruit ones and VERY green ones and they are SO yummy!. Hope you are not too cold in the frpzen Nprth !! Jackie

I agree Jinjee I love you guys. for me its the cacao and agave. I get sucked right back into everything else is ok starting with tea and restaurant salad dressings and from there...eww

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