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November 16, 2009


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Jim Carey

Patricia Bragg is ... 70? or so, and says the same about not wearing a bra. Her father, Paul Bragg, taught her that. At her age, never having worn one, they're still standing on their own and she's proud of it. Told me herself.

Jackie  New Zealand

You are MUCH better off NOT wearing a bra...bras being one of the main causes of breast cancer due to the wearing of over tight bras ( has your bra ever left a red mark especially on the breast?) which severely impede the lymphatic system. I gave up wearing a bra some years ago.

Frieda, regarding the stainless steel reality you can only do so much,,several the very best quality you can comfortably afford, for eating use wooden cutlery( with a bit of effort in searching these CAN be found!). Where you can afford it always go for glass ware in blenders( the only safe choice)
And OF COURSE... if you want to go back to eating raw ( and we are a raw family) eating as our ancestors did... there are always YOUR FINGERS!! and it is not THAT long ago either!

My Ukrainian mother-in-law knew nothing except hardship most of her life , knowing nothing about the modern paradigm of should we be eating this, should we be eating that, will this fork poison me , will the stink from the drains poison me she would be snorting with disbelief and laughter if she heard it...her main preoccupation being...putting wholesome nutritious food on the table every day for a family of six , as well as doing BACK BREAKING work growing all the vegetables for the family , for the WHOLE year on their own plot of land. My mother-in-law lived 103 years without a day's illness in her life. Work the message out for yourselves!

Gina, Wilmington, NC

Yes, overweight is problematic for most but after a few years high percentage raw diet, a very low body weight (and possible muscle mass loss) may become an issue. Any suggestions other than eating truckloads?

Frieda Gelber

I was wondering if anyone can share some info about the following:

Do plastic eyeglass lenses make anyone ill and will glass lenses change the illness?

Does anyone get ill/nauseous standing over sinks from the air in the drains? How do we remedy this?

What does Dr. Flora Von Orden III recommend in place of brassieres since they seem to prevent ventilation and they expose the wearer to "plastics" which I suppose she means those synthetic fabrics in the garment.

Does Dr. Flora comment on food prep equipment, such as the plastic containers on the high speed blenders, the plastic and stainless parts in the juicers, stainless steel blades and flatware for their nickel, as well as stainless steel knives?

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