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February 01, 2010


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Hi there
I'm from New Zealand and am looking to purchase a Vitamix 5200 blender, but the prices here are horrific.
I'm unable to find a US company who ships these units to New Zealand. Can anyone help?


Sarah Franssen

Is there an agent here in Christchurch, or whereabouts can I purchase a wet container from thnks.

Jackie  New Zealand

Oh! my unseen friends... how happy you have made me!! I have been walking a dog three times a week for over one year, saving every last cent I have earned, aiming at saving for a Vitamix. I have just saved the required money . I have been very nervous about spending so much money on one item, but you guys , and especially Jim have given me the confidence that I really am doing the right thing. It is just as well that we, in New Zealand and other countries have had to wait a long time for the Total Nutrition Centre( 5200 in the U.S.) the delay enabled me to save the money. You U.S. guys would be horrified at the price here but it will be $US 900-1000 aprroximately!!! So dear friends, never think that your 5200 is expensive!! I should be so lucky to pay your prices! Kind regards Jackie

Margie Leslie

I am very happy with my Blend-tek. It is powerful (3 hp) and very easy to use and clean. I would like to have the new container that has a 4 inch blade and holds 96 oz! Matt Monarch did a comparison on YouTube between the Blend-Tek and Vitamix. It's worth a look-see!

Jim Carey

I received my Vitamix as a gift from a student. I fully agree that it's a primary tool for all raw fooders, and love mine.

Yet I find myself on Maui, traveling light because from here I'm off to India and Africa, and this $3 yard-sale blender is great for making green chunkies (a poor man's green smoothie).

LOL (laughing out loud)



Personally, the VitaMix was the best investment I ever made. I wish I had just broke down and bought it earlier. I always thought I could just make due with what I had or grabbing "another" cheap one. When I went Raw I decided to just buy it. I was able to do a 3 month contract with the Vitamix company which helped. Now I look back and think of the money I have wasted over the years holding out. The smoothies and sauces and so wonderful, no chunks. And I pile in the ingredients with my smoothies and watch it go. Love it


i prefer the blendtec...for smoothies and juicing..i believe its more powerful than the vitamix

Steven Gibb


We refer to the Vitamix as the “super” blender. It’s 10 times the speed of a regular blender and can pulverize cement to dust. It’s used in all types of environments and applications.

I believe it’s the first piece of equipment the serious raw fooder should consider. It will outlast all the other consumer blenders and pay for itself many times over a short period. Tell you clients to call us for great prices and we always smile when taking calls. And the calls are FREE. Call us at 888.888.5161 and ask for special pricing!

Steven Gibb

Vitamix has a 3-month payment plan and also has reconditioned model 5000s (same guarantee as new). I love mine so much I became an affiliate and now help other people acquire theirs! Best, Helen Terry

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