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February 23, 2010


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Mary Earhart

I forgot to say he is 70 years old. We travel often to Costa Rica and he wants to go there again.

Mary Earhart

My husband was on a raw diet for over a year, got gallstones, delayed surgery for 50 day juice fast, ate party food and got pancreatitis in '08, wound up with splenectomy and tube feedings, then diabetes, controlled with exercise and diet of fresh eggs, sprouted bread, salmon and salad, always starts the day with juiced greens. Cyst returned in pancreas 2 months ago, surgery, tube feedings, then more surgery to free adhesions causing a bowel obstruction. Opiate pain killers as directed. Terrible hiccups off and on since '08, although he was completely well except for diabetes and enlarged prostate in '09 and most of this year, low carb diet with lots of veggies, no meds. Now they see a lesion on his ribs that may be cancer. For 1 week now 6-8 oz wheatgrass daily plus implants, colonics and enemas, chlorella, juiced sprouts and greens with lemon and garlic at least a quart a day, hiccups and pain but loves the juice. My question is he is 5'8" and down to 135lbs, can he stay on wheatgrass, sprouts, algae and juice? Will his weight stabilize? Sleep is a problem because of pain, he has to take opiates every 6 hours and it doesn't always work. Doctors do not know what's causing the hiccups. As his lab work has been good except for inflammation (high CRP), they are puzzled. He has had many scans, perhaps they caused the cancer. Thank you, I just need reassurance it is ok that he is getting very skinny. I am doing the fast with him and feel great.


We are also firm believers in the teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore and look forward to spreading the word about benefits of wheatgrass juice to all who will listen. Best wishes to all of you.

Wheat Grass

I've known wheat grass as an anti aging remedy and never as food..

Jackie....New Zealand

Thank you very much for your answer Jim, it is much appreciated

Jackie....New Zealand

I forgot to mention that I am a 100% raw food eater


At the Creative Health Institute, and as part of Dr. Ann Wigmore's program, we reccommend 60 ml of wheatgrass juice 3 times a day.

But i have known people to consume ten times as much, for a limited period of time, perhaps a week, when they were facing serious health challenges.

Dr. Wigmore covers this in detail in her book, The Wheatgrass Book, starting at $2 US on

Jim Carey

Jackie....New Zealand

Hi there,

Can you tell me what amount (in mls)of wheat grass can be safely ingested each time and how many times a day? I have a lymphoedema condition in my lower right leg as the result and mis treatment ofan accident I had 20 years ago.

Thank you


Sanjiv Ranjan

Dear Rohit,

I have been a follower of the theories of Ann Wigmore for the last two decades now. I am in India so I know what problems you are facing.

Only Wheatgrass will not solve a serious health problem like Cancer. She needs to go on a 100% raw diet. If you can do that you will in no time witness the power Wheatgrass Therapy.


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