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February 11, 2010


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Jim Carey

Thank you for the kind words, Patricia.

re: that 2nd DVD. Victoria Boutenko's techs could never figure out the problem with the master for that DVD.

On about 5% of DVD players - mostly older ones - it does that. It should play OK on your computer.

We're happy to replace DVDs for up to a year after purchase, but that is the ONE DVD we carry that a replacement will have the same problem.

For returns and exchanges please contact Susan at my office: [email protected]

I'm on Maui at the moment, heading for India and Africa, and depend on Susan to take care of everything for me.

Thanks again!

Patricia Johnson

I cannot thank you enough for the support, guidance and information that you have so freely shared with us on the "net".

I am a newbie with no support from any other quarter and have found it very rough going until I signed up for your newsletter.

I got way more information and help than I even dreamed!!

You are doing a very important work.

Thanks Again!!

P.S. I got a DVD from ("Greens can save your life") by Victoria Boutenko. The first DVD is perfect, but the second DVD the music came on in the beginning and the teaching was no sound. It was such an exciting teaching and I was very frustrated to not be able to hear the rest of the message. Could you possibly replace the second DVD? Thank You.


Thank you so much for this info. I have a friend who I now call my sister who is a big help for me. So having the support works wonders for me thank you be Bless!!


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