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April 29, 2010


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Ron Lichterman

For Judy: my mom's and dad's experience is that onece the body starts to detox, the crowns and fillings start becoming loose and falling out. As well, they experienced much pain at their fillings and crowns before they fell out, as there is a build up of harmful bacteria in those places. So they went to the dentist to take it out. Once they fell/taken out, my parents did not replace them, but just left it open, which is the best option, as now the bad bacteria can't be in the mouth since oxygen can go to all areas of the mouth. In fact, the teeth will start to slowly heal, as your body is now detoxing. A person who is not detoxing will not feel the bad bacteria at the teeth, as his body is too weak to combat the bacteria. Only when the body starts fighting the bacteria does one feel the pain. So Judy, maybe take out all your crowns and you can leave it. Dentures are also a good option if the affected teeth are in the front of the mouth.


You can get an ozane generator to sterilize your food. Great way to destroy bacteria. I would not go without

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