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April 15, 2010


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Jackie  New Zealand

A further comment from Jackie...No restrictive clothing anywhere on your body and goes for for other underwear, especially around the waist and upper legs and also socks if you wear them

Jackie  New Zealand

I am from New Zealand too and I have never come across or heard of an institute or clinic where they would do this treatment with a willing heart. I hope this Kiwi will find such a place. Meanwhile 100% raw and as Flora says not any old raw goes. I plead with you dear friend to follow Dr. Flora's advice and I would be your buddy on this matter to encourage you. I would also add and this maybe obvious to you already..Leave your bra OFF!!! Wearing a bra that is too tight and leaves a red mark and also underwire bras restrict the orderly flow of LYMPH and a slowdown and build-up of lymph can be disastrous for every lady but especially for people in your situation.I haven't worn a bra for years ( merely as a preventative in my case)Agape Jackie

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