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May 04, 2010


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Jackie  New Zealand

Hi Nancy..oh..I have just noticed that you posted bths going on for a year ago, but I would like to ask you why you are taking statin drugs..what are they for and if you are eating seriously an all FRESH blended or juiced foods why the need why not at least reduce the dosage gradually. Agape Jackie

Nancy Cleveland

First, I am sorry to hear of the death of your daughter. My only child...a daughter...died 22yrs. ago next month and I feel for you and your family. I won't tell you I understand how you are feeling because not even I walk your particular path's an obscenity to lose our children.

While I, nor any of my family, have had to suffer the ravages of cancer it was a comfort for me to read your blog today. I know I just didn't "happen" upon it. But I relate so well to everything you said. I respect conventional medical fraternity and I just wish more would respect us, their patients. Within the last year I have had the surprising experience of having to have angioplasty and a stent put in place. At 63yrs. of age I find myself having to daily take medications I've been told I will be on for the rest of my life (a long time since I intend to live another forty years!) but I don't do this uninformed. I make it my business to find out anything I can with regards to meds and I have to say one that I am least happy with is a statin drug. I have a very good cardiologist whom I informed, at the outset, that I need to be a partner in my own care and he agreed and until last week, this was so. The other day when I raised concerns about the statin drug and the response was..."You don't believe everything you read, hear or find on the have to trust me." What struck me as odd was, shortly after this comment I mentioned I thought he should know that, besides the prescribed meds, I was taking CoQ10 and THEN he tells me "Oh, excellent! Statins deplete the body, cells, of CoQ10 and this is a good thing to do..." Yes? So why did he not suggest it when he put me on a statin prescription? Please understand I am not seeking an answer...I am just frustrated that one, when a patient makes him/herself informed, has concerns, is NOT denying care and attention but simply doesn't care to be patronized and told what to do without comment or recourse, why can the person you need to trust not at least have a dialogue? And two, when they know one thing will occur yet another can alleviate the action, why not tell them?

A friend told me two days ago to forget it, "relax", "put this statin worry out of your mind and just take think too much". I reminded her that I brought home a husband who had recently part...from coma. To take care of him myself rather than put him in a nursing home. He was a quadrilplegic at that time; he was on a feeding tube and I had been told he would never eat; he was on thirteen different medications to stimulate the brain and I was warned his prognosis was "probably live another year at most". In seven months I had him off the feeding tube and it was removed...permanently. I had them cut out several of his medications and he began to return to a modicum of animation (he could not talk) and he lived five more years. I was a hard fighting advocate for this I need to be my own advocate and, you can tell I am somewhat angered medical professionals don't particularly like or appreciate it.

I am so glad there are people like yourself, Dr. Flora. You give the rest of us hope.

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