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August 16, 2010


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Jim Carey

Dehydrate at or below 108 degrees F.

I deal with sunflower seed shells by tossing it all in the blender, or sitting at the table cleaning the sprouts.


I wonder if you use young seeds, they aren't as hard to eat? I know that they are very untasty with that outer hard seed coat.
Also, what temp. do you dehydrate at??


The pumpkin seeds are sold without the seed case which is not eatable. What is the process of removing this? No one suggesting seed saving for eating ever says how to make them edible.


Do you eat them shell and all or do you have to peel them? If you do, any tips as to the easiest way to do that would be great. I've no idea how they get so many peeled when you buy them in the store.

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