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September 12, 2010


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Chris Charles

I´ve found eating for minerals to be more accurate. For example potasium (fruit or sweet)(alkaline needs to be balanced by 2 sticks of celery-6sticks total each day.) or sea salt. Too much potassium and your muscles feel wobbly and you are passive spaced out. Too much sea salt (acid promoting mineral) and you get too hyper or anxious. Finally there´s the balance of phosphorus (most nuts and grains except for for sesame-which is high in calcium)with calcium. Calcium (broccoli) promotes an alkaline state (yin) whereas phosphorus promotes an acid (yang) states that are more active and promote better muscle contraction. When you eat alot of nuts your body takes out calcium from your bones to keep a balance. That´s why people who overeat on nuts have problems with their eat furthermore with essene bread or sprouts are too thin and they are also keeping more acid than alkaline and the phosphorus foods overstimulate them so they´re burning more calories than they are putting in. Calcium slows you down builds muscles and bones and keeps you alkaline.
Want to gain weight eat more calcium rich foods (Note-spinach has oxilic acid which inhibits calcium absorption. so brocoli or collard greens are a better choice-more calcium rich) Want to get warm eat alot of potassium rich foods and limit salt intake. Want to get cool eat alot of sodium (celery) on a hot and retrict potasium intake. Most Nuts- with the exception of sesame are acid so eat 10-20gr of greens for every gram of nuts. Cleaning diet 10 grams of nuts/300-400grams of greens Maintenance diet 36grams of nuts 800grams of greens/ Building diet 96 grams of nuts with almost 2kg of greens. Wait 30-45minutes after eating fruit before eating nuts. After eating nuts wait 1hour and a half. Fruit I´m not going to mention how much to eat you decide. I´ve managed to stay raw longer eating this way the with other methods. Check out eco-eating book.

Michaela Madeleine

Thanks for great recommendations, Jim.

I think they are very useful for those who consider going Raw.

Americus Naava

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