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October 05, 2010


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Dr. Flora

I apologize for the delay. I am studying day and night now to take two tests vital for my financial survival: one on the 15th and another on the 29th to renew my Florida teaching certificate. Please excuse me if I hide for a month and continue to concentrate on this. I will be back in circulation at the November 1 date.

Dr. Flora

Please read "Food and Healing" by Annmarie Colbin or any number of books by Dr. Sherri Rogers on the nightshades. Thanks for changing the tobbaco sauce to Tobasco sauce! What a typo!

"This botanical group includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers and tobacco. (For a fuller discussion of nightshades see this chapter, pages 176-80. The alkaloids in these plants seem to affect the calcium balance in some way. Once researcher has reported that cattle that graze on one variety of nightshades develop malformed skeletons and become unable to walk, grazing on their knees. Dietary systems that include these foods invariably contain considerable quantities of milk and milk products: pizza, eggplant parmigiana, potatoes with sour cream, etc. My theory is that the high amounts of calcium in the milk products (not used by our bones: read Biological Transmutation, by Dr. Kirvran) are held in check by the nightshades, perhaps destroyed or used up, and so balance is maintained. In my own expetrience and that of some of my studeents, consuming nightshades on a dairy-free diet has resulted in a loss of calcium, evidenced by brittle nails, painful gums, and dental caries. Eliminating the nightshades, rather than increasing the dairy, solved the problem. It is also interesting to note here the results of one study of osteoporosis suffers: it was found that 3/4ths of them smoked between one and two packs of cigarettes daily. Tobacco, of course, is a nightshade.
Wine, vinegar and citgrus
These foodstuffs, because of their natural acidity, require the buffering action of calcium during metabolism and will remove it from the teeth and bones. In other words, it's wise to not use them. In a heart, liver, pancreas and immune system healthy (according to Drs. Eselstyn (Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease) and Campbell (The China Study) diet, such foods as wine, vinaigrette dressing or oj will de-calcify your system. Tea with lemon is a particularly corrosive drink; if it's served in a styrofoam cup, it will eventually eat holes in it. My own nails began to grow normally once I stopped drinking that beverag completely, and several of my students found that getting off oj had a similar effect. People with low calcium reserves may develop brittle nails when consuming other juices as well." end of quote from Food and Healing. pp 160, decalcifying foods, which include coffee, alcohol, salt, dairy products, concentrated sugars, high-protein foods, citrus (lemon, lime, orange grapefruit)".

Jim Carey

Hahahah. Good catch, Gail. Those spell checkers aren't very slick, are they? Fixed it.


TOBACCO sauce??

Jackie  New Zealand

why has there not been a reply to the above question as I, also, am interested in the forthcoming reply/ Many thanks

Junilyn Pikacha

Why are these raw foods dangerous or what makes them dangerous? I live in the tropics and these are some of the only vegetables I can get so I really need your help.

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