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October 26, 2010


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Jim Carey

It's OK to make a second batch of Rejuvelac from the berries, Fred, but after that, they belong in the compost pile because all of the nutrients are leached out of them.

We're only looking at a few cents worth of berries; much cheaper than any beverage you can buy in a store!

Fred Levy

By the way, I hate throwing all the berries out after I make the rejuvalac. Can I eat them?

My berries do not seem to sprout after 24 hours. Should I soak longer?

Jim Carey

1/2 to 1 cup, Jacqui.


When making rejuvalac, how many cups of hard wheat berries do you soak for 1 gallon?

Thank you.



What is Rejuvelac?

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